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The eBay script

eBay has been the world’s largest auction site for years. Thousands of actions with the most diverse products are ending every second on this site. Many of these products are being sold by Chinese companies, and are often shipped at no extra cost. There is a chance that occasionally a product is being sold for a few cents, or isn’t there?
That’s why I wrote a script which buys all auctions under $0,10 (including shipping costs) on eBay. Within half an hour I’d won over 120 auctions, resulting in 100 packages being shipped. Mainly from China, but some from the US, Japan and even Russia. Phone cases, electronics, jewelry, coins and even MP3 players were being delivered by a courier the weeks following the auctions. Over 100 packages, sent from all over the world to the Netherlands.
Everything combined costed less than $7,90; the price of one package shipment within the Netherlands.